Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rare and Scarce coins of Republic India , my collection with Snaps

10 Paise SS 1998 C Mint
10 Paise Small Aluminium 1990 B Mint

50 Paise Cu-Ni 1982 National Integration Culcutta Mint
10 Rupee Silver, 25th Anniversary of Independence 1972 C Mint
25 Paise Cu-Ni 1989 C Mint
25 Paise Cu-Ni 1980 C Mint
25 Paise Cu-Ni, World Food Day 1981 C Mint
1 Rupee 1950 B mint
This design of one rupee was minted only in 1950 and1954, and that too only in the Bombay mint. After that one rupee coin came out only in 1962.
1 Rupee 2006 B mint
10 Rupee 2005 N mint
5 Rupee 2004 C mint
2 Rupee 2004 C mint
10 Paise Aluminum 1993 C mint
50 Paise 1993 C Mint
50 Paise 1983 C Mint Cu-Nickel
2004 Cross design B mint
There was a massive public outcry against these Christian Cross Coins then UPA Government quietly withdrew these coins from circulation. This design started minting in the year 2005 and 2006 for circulation, the one released with date 2004 was limited for a packet or so into public.
25 Paise 1982 C mint
1 Rupee 1970 B mint
1 Rupee 1962 C Mint
10 Rupee 1969 Silver B Mint
5 Rupee 2004 H mint
2 Rupee 2004 H mint
(Majority of the above 2 rupee coins of 2004 were melted back into the base metal because of the higher metal base values. This makes the 2004 2 rupee coin a rare one)
1 Rupee mudra Design 2007 H mint
1 Rupee 1954 B Mint
This design of one rupee was minted only in 1950 and1954, and that too only in the Bombay mint. After that one rupee coin came out only in 1962.
5 Rupee Nick-Brass - 2009 Noida Mint
1 Rupee 1986 Hyderabad Mint

5 rupee: Tilakji (error coin) - 2007
Subhash Chandra Bose Netaji error Coin Year 1996

5 rupees Cross symbol 2007:
This is a controversial coin that was banned by the government of India following the controversy surrounding coins of 1 rupee and 2 rupee coins with similar symbols on them.

10 rupee: 25 years of independence 1972: B Mint
This coin was released on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of India's independence.

5 rupee 2nd International crop science congress:C Mint
The 5 rupee coin of the international crop science congress. This international conference was to be held in 1996 and a large quantity of these commemorative coins were to be minted, but for some reason the conference got canceled and never happened. So the mintage of these coins was halted in between. As a result, only 11,000 such coins were minted.


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